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Your guide to Barcelona

A complete Barcelona travel guide

A complete Barcelona travel guide, where you’ll find everything about the wonderful city of Barcelona. The place for useful travel hacks and tips to visit the Catalan capital 🙂

Travelers welcome!

I love this city, and more than that, I love helping travelers love this city! Don’t get lost, we know Barcelona has many different things to do and visit! We’ll try to point out most of them and give you some advice to save time and money when you visit Barcelona.

What to visit, useful tricks or how to move around Barcelona. Let’s talk about all the city has to offer!

Let’s get started: Barcelona basics

Barcelona can refer to a city, the capital of Catalonia. Catalonia is a region of Spain located in the upper right corner of the Iberian peninsula. Catalonia shares a border in the Pyrenees mountain with his northern neighbor, France, and is surrounded from north to south to its east by the Mediterranean sea. In this blog, we’ll always talk about Barcelona as a city.

Hadraulic tile - Barcelona travel guide
Traditional floor tile from Barcelona – Rajola Hidraulica

Take into account that tourism has grown a lot in past years, and it’s starting to become a problem. That’s why we call for common sense: be a nice traveler. Respect locals, know the culture and history and try not to only focus on partying and cheap alcohol. We are not stating that you can’t have fun, but we will advise you on how to do it respectfully and getting the most out of your visit.

Barcelona is shared by more than 1.600.000 inhabitants, people coming from all over the world that can proudly call it home. There are 2 official languages, Catalan and Spanish, being both equally used and spoken. Carthaginian, Roman, Muslims and many other peoples that have lived there have given the city a cosmopolitan character. 

The legal currency is the Euro (€). This is a great advantage because the Euro is shared with a lot of countries in the European Union.

However, Barcelona can also refer to one of the four provinces of Catalonia; being Lleida, Girona, and Tarragona the other 3. Cities like L’Hospitalet de Llobregat, Badalona or Vic are also located in Barcelona.

Our Barcelona travel guide for visitors

More and more people from around the world are visiting Barcelona every year. Travelers simply love it. Let’s point out some of the reasons why Barcelona should always be on your bucket list:


Are you passionate about architecture? Art? Music? Design? A foodie obsessed by gastronomy? We’ve gotcha. BARCELONA IS THE PLACE.

Some of the most famous buildings in the world (religious and non-religious ones) await to be discovered. You’ve may heard about Gaudí’s Basilica, but words or pictures can’t even come close to the feeling of climbing to its towers and enjoy the Sagrada Familia with Barcelona skyline as a background picture.

The view of the whole city from the Park Güell is a must, too. The world-known dragon made with Gaudí’s signature technique Trencadís will welcome all travelers and visitors. Once there, discover the columns, the porches or simply admire the stunning view from the terrace.

park guell terrace view
Amazing view of Barcelona from the terrace of Park Güell – A must from our Barcelona travel guide

A city full of art.Barcelona has got a Museum for you. Be amazed by the city’s art offer:

  • Traditional art museums as MNAC
  • Modern-art ones like MACBA
  • Free Museums like Caixa Forum
  • FC Barcelona

Plus, the city is world-known for being a design hub. Lots of design schools, a design museum, some organizations supporting local design… And some of the world’s most modern and cutting-edge design studios are located here such as Brosmind, S.C.P.F or Mariscal.

FC Barcelona

The city has the honor of having one of the greatest football teams in the world: FC Barcelona. Fans all over the world come to worship their god, Messi, at his temple, Camp Nou stadium.

Bars, music festivals, nightlife and street life

You know, we’re Mediterranean. Having a drink with friends in the street is in our DNA. Get lost in any bar of El Raval or the Gothic quarter, have a drink and a tapa – now that’s our idea of enjoying life. And what can we say about its nightlife: some of the best clubs in Europe can be found here: we recommend you to dig a bit and discover small, hidden, non-commercial ones. The typical (and super expensive) clubs at Barceloneta beach may be good but we’ll give you advice to party like a true local.

Sonar electronic music festival at Barcelona
Sonar has been declared the best electronic music festival in the world.

Barcelona hosts some awesome music festivals too. If you go during Spring or Summer, don’t miss the chance to visit one of this:

  • Sonar: simply, the best electronic music in the world.
  • Primavera sound: a hipster festival for indie music lovers
  • Cruïlla: a different festival, with music from all around the world
  • BAM: during local festivity of La Mercè, a free music festival is held

International events

We’re lucky to be an attractive city for the rest of the world. Everyone wants to be in Barcelona or at least related to it. A lot of international events take place in Barcelona during the whole year:

F1 race Spanish Grand Prix at Catalunya circuit in Montmeló

Moto GP race Grand Prix of Catalunya celebrated at Montmeló circuit too

Mobile world congress: the biggest event in the mobile and communications area in the world


Let’s be honest: we know weather does matter. The sea, the sun, and the warm temperatures make Barcelona an excellent choice at any time of the year. Rain won’t appear much but when it shows up… oh boy, better be prepared! It’ll rain a loooot, but don’t worry, it won’t last much. These intense, rare rains take place especially during autumn and spring.

Be aware that the fact of being by the sea makes the city’s climate really humid, so it can get a bit stiffly from June to September. How to deal with this? always take a bottle of water with you and wear fresh clothes.


The most Catalan meal ever: sliced bread with oil and tomato or Pa amb tomàquet
The most Catalan meal ever: sliced bread with oil and tomato or Pa amb tomàquet

Home to the world-famous Mediterranean cuisine, Barcelona and Catalonia proudly host some of the best restaurants in the world: El Celler de Can Roca, Tickets or Lasarte. In these food-temples, avant-garde cooking mesmerizes anyone who dares to taste it.

Cold cuts like fuet or secallona, sliced bread with tomato and olive oil or calçots are among some of the traditional and delicious food you can eat in Barcelona. Food is a serious thing here, Catalans have even voted about his best dish and, guess what? Bread with tomato was the winner.

Why a Barcelona travel guide?

I know that internet is a precious source of information, but I also that sources need to be reliable. As a local Barcelonian, I’ll try to be as objective as possible and not lie to you to sell you anything. Just share with you the best knowledge and travel tips and tricks about the city. I want to create a perfect Barcelona travel guide!