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Your guide to Barcelona

Bicing: bike rental only for locals

Bikes at a bicing station in Barcelona

Barcelona Bicing: what is it?

Bicing is a public bike rent initiative promoted by the Barcelona city council. 477 bike stations are distributed around the city, and users can pick up and leave bicycles in each one. Sadly, we must say that only locals can enjoy this mean of transport. However, there are lots of means of transport to move around Barcelona.

Barcelona public bike rent bicycle
Bicycles used in the bicing bike rent system.

Why can’t travelers enjoy Bicing?

This project was created back in 2007 as an initiative from Barcelona city council to reduce the intense traffic in the city and to move on towards ecologic transportation.

The idea behind it is to help Barcelonians in their day-to-day moving around the city. The bike rent system was not created for tourist to discover the city in 2 wheels but for locals not to use motor-powered vehicles.

When a user picks up a bike from one of the almost 500 bicycle stations, he’s only got 30 minutes to use it for free. The reason behind this is that bikes are intended to be used for getting from one point to another, not to wander or tour around.

If you’re a traveler, don’t worry, you’ve still got a lot of options to travel through the city such as metro, bus or tram.

Alternatives to Bicing

Still thinking that a bike is the best way to discover Barcelona? You may be right! There are a lot of bike rental services around the city, although most of the time it’s an expensive service. Ride to the beach, the Ciutadella Parc or to Montjuïc mountain, and try to avoid the most crowded streets!

Spending some months in Barcelona, not just traveling? Then getting yourself a Bicing card is definitely a great idea.

Becoming a Bicing user

-First, you need to address a sign-in request to the city council
-Then, they will charge you a year fee, with an amount of € 47.16
-In around 10 days you’ll receive your card by post at your place, only for addresses inside the city of Barcelona