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Your guide to Barcelona

Ferrocarrils de la generalitat (FGC)

Ferrocarril train in open air

Ferrocarrils – a different kind of trains

Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat - Barcelona railways
Logo of the Ferrocarrils

This might be a bit difficult to understand to foreigners, but there is another underground railway system in Barcelona that is not the metro: Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat.
Ferrocarrils (railways in english) run under the Generalitat de Catalunya (catalan government) authority. This trains combine short-distance travels and mid-distance ones. They connect Barcelona with big close cities such as Sabadell, Terrasa, L’Hospitalet, Martorell, Manresa or Sant Cugat.

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Map of the Ferrocarrils railway system
Map of the Ferrocarrils railway system.

Upper Barcelona

This is a useful transport to reach some areas of the city, specially the ones located above Diagonal avenue. They may be not as well connected as other might be. This can be because:
-This are residential neighbourhoods
-Terrain is really steep there (most of it located in the Tibidabo mountain)

ferrocarrilas de la generalitat
Ferrocarrils in Reina Elisenda, Barcelona

You can reach zones such as Sarrià, Sant Gervasi, TresTorres or Vallvidriera.

Ferrocarrils prices

Although not under TMB authority, they share the same prices as TMB means of transport (Metro, Bus and Tram). This means prices are:

  • Single ticket: €2.15
  • T-10 card (includes 10 trips): €9.95
  • A €100 fine for traveling without a valid ticket

Tickets can be purchased at every station. The 1.15 hour transfer rule also applies with TMB transportations.

Some facts about Ferrocarrils

  • Most of them star at Plaça Catalunya or Plaça Espanya
  • They run underground inside Barcelona, aboveground outside it
  • It’s a quite useful system to go to some areas in upper Barcelona
  • Other trains are run by the Generalitat such as Cremallera de Montserrat