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Your guide to Barcelona

T10 – Barcelona transportation card

T-10: Best way to move around Barcelona

Why should you get yourself a T-10?

  • Transportation cards are usually expensive and for long-time stays
  • Taxi is expensive and slow due to traffic jams
  • There’s no Uber in Barcelona
  • Main attractions are not within a walking distance from one to each other

Simply, the best way to enjoy Barcelona transportation system.

T-10 transportation card
This card allows you to make 10 trips for  just €9.95

How does the T-10 card works?

The t-10 card is the most used transport card by Barcelonians. Let’s see why.

This card grants you access to the following public transports:

Another advantage of this card is that it can be used for more than 1 people. If you visit Barcelona with someone else, you can share your T10 to travel around.

T10 is a transportation card that will allow you to make 10 trips in Barcelona’s public transportation network (Metro, Tram, and Bus) for €9.95.

This is your best ally for traveling Barcelona and its outskirts. Take any mean of transport with this T-10 card.

Where to buy the T-10 card?

  • In all metro stations
  • In all of the FGC stations

As this card is sold at metro stops, it can only be purchased within their opening hours: from 5:00 AM to 12:00 PM (midnight).

A very useful feature of all the trips you’re allowed to make with the T-10 is transfers. This means that you have 1.5 hours to make another transportation without paying.

How do transfers work? An example

You need to go from Plaça Catalunya to Sant Just Desvern, a neighbor city on the outskirts. So you can take a taxi and spend around 35€ or you can just:

  • text_icon Pick up the green line metro at Catalunya
  • text_icon Get down at Sants Estació
  • text_icon Walk until Francesc Macià (around 15 minutes)
  • text_icon Take there the Tram until Sant Just Desvern
  • text_icon AND ALL OF IT FOR JUST 1€!

Get to the airport with your T-10 for just €1

Final advantage: once you’re leaving the city, you’ll be able to arrive at El Prat Airport with your T-10 card taking the bus number 46. The cheapest transfer from Barcelona to the airport!