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Canaletas – The legendary fountain in La Rambla!

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Canaletas fountain – a magic fountain at the beginning of Ramblas street

It may seem a normal fountain, but it’s not. It’s one of the cities most iconic spots. Yes, we are talking about Canaletas fountain.

Canaletas fountain in La Rambla
The legendary Canaletas fountain awaits travelers.

There’s some magic in this place. The fountain was put here back in the XVI century. It has stood the past of times contemplating Barcelona’s most hectic street: La Rambla.

The original design was replaced by a casted iron replica, to better preserve it. Legend says if you drink water from Canaletas fountain you will come back to Barcelona. So, now you know, don’t hesitate and have a sip! You’ll come back for sure to this astonishing city, and the legendary fountain will witness your return.

Legend can be read in a name plate in the floor.
Canaletas legend in a nameplate in the floor

The English translation of the text in the nameplate is:

“If you drink water from Canaletas fountain you’ll always be a Barcelona lover and, no matter how far you go, you’ll always come back”

The place for celebrating Barça’s wins

Canaletas fountain is world-wide known too for being the official celebrating spot of FC Barcelona victories. Whenever Cryuff, Romàrio, Ronaldinho or Messi held in his hands a cup, people would always celebrate it coming to this magical place.

FC Barcelona celebrating spot: Canaletas fountain
It can get this crowded (and much more, too).

If you’re a true Barça fan, you must come to Canaletas fountain at least once in your life and drink its magical water. I am sure Messi did that, too 😉

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