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Your guide to Barcelona

Travel hacks

All kind of travel tricks and advice

Travelling to Barcelona on a budget? Here are some travel hacks to save money!

We know Barcelona can be a little expensive, especially from May to October… I’m going to give you travel hacks and tricks to avoid this problem and enjoy Barcelona for a fair price!

travel hacks to barcelona
travel hacks – trips and tricks for travelers on a budget

There are many things you can do to make your trip much cheaper.

How to save money when traveling to Barcelona?


– Buy a T10 transportation card. It grants you access to Tram, Metro, Bus, and Ferrocarrils. It costs €9.95 and allows you to make 10 trips. Buy it at metro stations.
– Walk. It may seem a stupid advice, but walking is free and is for sure the best way of admiring the city and observe how locals live in Barcelona
Get to the airport for just €1
– Try to avoid taxis as much as you can. By night, bus nit is always a great option.

·Learn more about Barcelona transportation here·


Accommodation is not cheap in Barcelona, we know this. If you can choose, prices are way lower during low season: from October to March. Also, staying in some neighborhoods out of the city-center will make accommodation prices much fair.

Look, search, compare, explore all the accommodation webs and platforms. Bear in mind that prices change every hour so be aware. Plus, do this in an incognito browser and clean your cookies every time you search for a place to stay. You may come up with a pleasant surprise.

If privacy is not a major issue for you, you can sleep in a shared room or in someone else’s apartment. Strange smells and snoring from your bed neighbor may be worth it if you save some good money!


drinkig tips in Barcelona
Drinking tip: buy water at the supermarket

– Avoid bars at key spots like Les Rambles or Barceloneta beach.
– Get advantages of flyers, happy hours, special group offers… If you look a bit, you’ll find all kind of deals which will save you a lot of money
– Street beers: a cold beer for just 1€? Really? YES!
– Bring a bottle of water with you. If you ever feel thirsty, take a sip at your own bottle. A small water in a bar costs €2 at least.

Freebies – Free things to do in Barcelona

Barcelona has a selection of cultural offer and events for free. You just need to know when and where, and enjoy this way a lot of features for free. Let’s see some of them:
– Montjuïc Fountain show – Enjoy a show of light, music, and water for free in the magic fountain of Montjuïc

Montjuic fountain free show in Barcelona
One of the best free things to do in Barcelona: Montjuic magic fountain.

– Museums: some museums offer free access on Sunday afternoon, and others are free once a month. Don’t miss this chance!
– Bunkers at El Carmel neighborhood. This anti-aircraft batteries were buil to defend the city from fascist aviation during the spanish civil war. From them, the whole city can be appreciated with the sea at its back.