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Your guide to Barcelona

Is it safe to travel to Barcelona?

It is safe to travel to Barcelona
YES! Of course! The sole idea of being concerned about traveling to Barcelona is really irrational. Barcelona is 100% safe!

Barcelona is a safe city for travelers

Planning your trip to Barcelona? You may have heard about some riots here, but don’t trust that bulls**t. There have been some demonstrations lately, but all political movements and demonstrations have always had one thing in common here: the total absence of violence.

Check this TripAdvisor forum with opinions from locals to prove that it’s totally safe to travel to Barcelona.

Catalan political problem

Demonstration celebrated in Barcelona after October 1st referendum.
Example of a pacific demonstration in Barcelona.

It all comes from the referendum held on October, 1st 2017. This was an illegal referendum, and the police sent from Madrid to control it overused the force of violence to impede it. As a reaction, a general strike was promoted and executed on October 3rd, but this didn’t lead to any violent conflict.

The tension between Spain’s government and Catalonia one was on the rise for some days, but things are starting to calm down and new elections will be celebrated on December 21st, 2017 to put order back in La Generalitat (Catalonia’s government).

Catalans are pacific and avoid violence

There have been some political imprisonments and certainly, Madrid’s government would like to have riots all over Barcelona streets, but this is not what you’ll find when you travel to the Catalan capital. Catalan people are known to be respectful and pacific above all other things, and keeping their protests and political objectives clean from any sort of violence is a total priority for them.