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Your guide to Barcelona

Weather in Barcelona

Weather in Barcelona is mostly sunny and warm

As always on this website, I’ll talk about the city of Barcelona, not the province. In this case, about the weather in Barcelona. Weather plays an important part of your trip preparation: what should I pack in my suitcase? Do I need a lot of clothes? Let’s take a look at everything you need to know about climate in Barcelona.

Weather in Barcelona is pretty warm and invites visitors to enjoy it all year round. Don’t forget your bathing suit!

Weather in Barcelona – a forecast

Coming to Barcelona? Great! Here’s a Barcelona weather forecast. Take into account that forecasts are never 100% accurate. The average accuracy of this forecast is an 86%:


Barcelona temperature

The climate is typical of the Mediterranean zone, warm and dry. A perfect temperature to do some sunbathing, have a swim in Barceloneta beach or stay all night long with no more than a t-shirt on you. The average annual temperature is 21 °C during the day and 15 °C  at night.

Month Average temperature
January  11.7 °C
February  12.4 °C
March 14.2 °C
April 15.8 °C
May 19.3 °C
June 23.0 °C
July 25.7 °C
August  26.1 °C
September  23.0 °C
October  19.5 °C
November 14.9 °C
December  12.3 °C

Rain in Barcelona

Barcelona is not a rainy city. As a typical aspect of all Mediterranean climates, rains tend to appear during spring and autumn in form of heavy rain or storms. It may rain heavily but, don’t worry, it won’t last much. Get yourself a roof over your head, and wait some time until it stops. See here the average days of rain per month:

Month Average number of rainy days
January 6
February 5
March 6
April 7
May 7
June 6
July 3
August 6
September 6
October 8
November 6
December 6

 Dressing tips

Being a city by the sea, it can be really common to see some people around the city wearing only their bathing clothes. I’m not going to judge this dressing decision, but it’s important to know what law says.

The city council established some dressing rules in Barcelona:

  • In the beach adjacent streets: it’s permitted to wear only your beach clothes (pants for men, bikini for women)
  • In the rest of the city: men and women should have their upper body covered ( even a small t-shirt will do)
  • Some monuments like Sagrada Familia may ask their visitors to wear appropriate clothing